Oh Doodle Bug, O Doodle Bug

When I was a baby my dad called me Doodlebug. He made a little song that goes to the tune of “O Tannenbaum”:

O Doodlebug, O Doodlebug,

you look so cute there on the rug

…and so on and so forth. Now I have grown up and he doesn’t call me Doodlebug anymore, but I thought I would save that name for something fun. And here it is.

I love toys. I have been working in specialty toy retail for 10 years now, and I don’t ever want to leave. I work at a fabulous toy store in Fort Collins Colorado, the home of bikes, beer, and apparently raising children. We have so many fun loving families here! I talk about toys all day. I point out toys I know in movies. I visit other local toy shops when I am on vacation. I have toys all scattered across my desk and home. Toys are my life! I finished my bachelors in  English Literature last year and have no real clue what to do with it, so now I’m writing about TOYS! And thus, Doodlebug Toys.

I hope you enjoy.